The Road from Rome

The Legacy of the Roman Empire

Roman Inventions

I beilive that the most important thing the Romans passed down is their aqueduct. If we didn't have something similar to an aqueduct today, we would still have to live by a body of water. Over the years we've developed the aqueduct into underground pipes that allow us to live anywhere and still get plumbing. So next time you turn the sink on, get a drink, or even take a shower, think of the Roman aqueducts.
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More About the Roman Aqueducts

The Roman aqueducts stand today, more than two thousand years later, as a testament to the engineering genius of the ancient Romans. These massive structures not only boggle the human mind as to how they were constructed but their function and reliability are still a modern marvel. In fact, some aqueducts remain operational to this day. Walking through the modern city of Rome one will come across these monumental arched structures that often cross streets and avenues. Sometimes these arches are doubled and often ornately decorated. Three such arches, visible to the general traveler in Rome are the Porta Maggiore, the Arch of Drusus, and Nero’s Aqueduct. The Roman aqueducts not only provided drinking water for the Romans, but indoor sewer systems that carried water away from the city and also supplied the bath houses with ample water, where the inhabitants of ancient Rome spent so much of their leisure time.
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Examples of Aqueducts Today

Underground water pipes, sewage systems, and indoor plumbing.