Superintendent's Community Update

Capital Outlay Update, October 1, 2019

West Campus Boiler Repair

The West Campus boiler that was installed new in 1988 was in need of repair prior to this coming winter.

West Campus Boiler following repairs

The west campus boiler was repaired in the summer of 2019. The boiler was tested yesterday and it is working very well.

Capital Outlay Plan 2019-2023

In the April 2019 special election, our school district patrons approved a four-year capital outlay operating levy with a total of 3.6 mills of authority for a period of four years, 2019-2023. Prior to the passage of the capital outlay levy, our district's only source of revenue for the capital outlay fund was transferring money from the General Fund Budget. Beginning in 2014-2015 the State provided Capital Outlay state aid. Capital Outlay state aid is fully funded and is projected to continue. Our district's current state aid is 42% of the taxes levied in the Capital Outlay Fund. Therefore, the State provides a 42% match or 42 cents for every dollar levied locally. Our BOE authorized 3.6 mills for 2019-2020, which is estimated to generate $154,697 in local taxes with estimated Capital Outlay State Aid of $64,973. The other capital outlay items contained in the Year 1 Plan in addition to the three new roofs are two 10-passenger vans, two HVAC units, and a district-wide technology upgrade. Other capital outlay needs such as the boiler repair is still funded by transfers from the General Fund Budget. Our school district is committed to utilizing our capital outlay funds to improve the infrastructure of our buildings and campus as well as upgrading our transportation fleet. In addition, we have taken steps over the past two years to upgrade our security systems. As always, please call, email, or stop by if you have any thoughts about this topic or any other. Our office number is 913-365-5632, my email is and we are located at 1409 Vermont Street in Elwood.


Robert W. Blair