Stylist Profile


Cristiana Deachman

Family Situation (Single, married, kids, fur-babies?) Married with 2 kids

Stella & Dot Start date July 2011

How you found the opportunity? Did someone introduce you? My Friend was a stylist and I thought why not give it a shot

Short and Long Term goals Not really. I'm battling with some health issues so I just go with the flow. I am fortunate that I have regular customers and I have built a relationship with people from Jumpstart @ Canadian Tire Corporation (I have 2-3 shows there and I donate a portion of my comissiion to their program)

How you plan to spend your earnings Sometimes I save it for new Stella Product or I treat myself to spa days :) or I treat my family to dinner (fun night)

Why you wanted to become a stylist I love the product and I knew I would be able to convince others to love it as well. Plus a little extra money always comes in handy. :)

Any fun facts about you J I love to make people laugh. I love to entertain. I'm a Proud Soccer mom lol!!

Favourite Make up brand? (why not?!) I love jewelerry more than makeup lol!!! But my everyday makeup is Covergirl and my "splurge/going out" makeup is MAC