Congress of the USA

Expressed Powers

What is it?

It is powers specifically written out in the Constitution

-Power to tax

-Pays for many public services that serve and protect citizens


-Encourages buying of American made products before foreign products

-Direct taxes and indirect taxes

-Income tax and Sales tax

-Power to regulate commerce

- Regulates foreign and interstate trade or setting a minimum wage

-Power to coin money

-Determining the type of currency to use and how to make it

-Power to borrow

-Using money to finance projects that are not in their budgets such as the interstate plan by Crossroads in Statesville

And many more!!!!

Implied Powers

What is it?

It is powers that are suggested in the Constitution or not directly written out

-Elastic Clause

-Has to be able to relate their actions to an expressed power


Congress has many powers that are Expressed Powers but there are also some that are Implied. Expressed means directly stated while Implied means what is suggested but not directly written out. Congress has a great deal of power and they abuse and use it.

Source of Info

- Some directly quoted from text on site