Starting New Traditions

Reilly Gower

Out of State Vacations

I would like to start a new big family tradition. What I would like to do is go on a vacation each summer that is out of Kansas. We haven't ever really gone on a family vacation because my parents are divorced now, have lots of other things to pay for, and don't have the time do that.

Why do I want to start this tradition?

I think going on a family vacation each year would bring my family closer and we could experience new things together. I think it would be very fun and it would be a good thing for my family.

What would it include doing?

This tradition would include doing quite a bit of things. One big thing that we would have to do it save up a lot of money. We would also have to do a lot of planning so we know what we are going to do there and when. It may also take a lot of compromising about where we all want to go and how much money each of us is going to put into the trip.