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Cyber bullying is the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature.

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Kids who are cyber bullied, tend to never get away from the hurtful words.

  • Cyber bullying can happen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and reach a kid even when he or she is alone. It can happen any time of the day or night.
  • Cyber bullying messages and images can be posted anonymously and distributed quickly to a very wide audience. It can be difficult and sometimes impossible to trace the source.
  • Deleting inappropriate or harassing messages, texts, and pictures is extremely difficult after they have been posted or sent.
CYBERBULLYING PSA "953K - Inspiring Action Against Cyberbullying" - MusEffect & Azure Antoinette

When Being Cyber Bullied, There Are Steps You Can Take:

  • Don’t respond to and don’t forward cyber bullying messages.
  • Keep evidence of cyber bullying. Record the dates, times, and descriptions of instances when cyber bullying has occurred. Save and print screenshots, emails, and text messages. Use this evidence to report cyber bullying to web and cell phone service providers.
  • Block the person who is cyber bullying.
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Kids who are cyber bullied are more likely to:

  • Use alcohol and drugs
  • Skip school
  • Experience in-person bullying
  • Be unwilling to attend school
  • Receive poor grades
  • Have lower self-esteem
  • Have more health problems
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2015 National Conference on Cyber Bullying:

Rosen Centre Hotel International Drive-Orlando, Florida

February 25-27, 2015

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