Innovation Center

January 2019


Warrington's StoryCorps studio opened last semester, and eighth graders have enjoyed learning how to use the recording equipment and conduct interviews. Through grant funding, we were able to create the StoryCorps studio in the back of the innovation center. Students will have the opportunity to improve their communication skills by conducting interviews with their peers, teachers, administrators, and community members. All interviews are archived with StoryCorps and at the Library of Congress. Teachers, you may receive an email requesting an interview for StoryCorps this semester. Interviews last about twenty minutes and questions cover the topics of childhood, home life, and career. If you are interested in participating, please let Ms. Ratliff know. If you are curious about how an interview works, feel free to listen to 8th-grader, Adia Payne, interview Mr. Brummet.

Book Club Activities

Looking for ways to keep students motivated during book club?

  • Read & Ride: Do your students need to burn some energy and refocus? Send them to the innovation center to read & ride! There is currently one stationary bike available for 15-minute sessions to pedal through the pages. Students must have a pass from a teacher that states "Read & Ride" in order to participate. Students must be reading or listening to an audiobook while on the bike. Students will also have the opportunity to track their mileage or their reading minutes. There will be upcoming challenges for students and teachers once the additional bikes have arrived.
  • Makerspace Activities: The following activities are in the works for this semester. Click’d (7th)- Students will learn how to code their names in binary code by spelling their names out in beads on a necklace. This activity could be done during one book club or ELA class. The Girl Who Could Not Dream (6th)- Students will make their own dreamcatchers similar to the ones mentioned in the book. This activity could be done during two book club classes or during ELA class. The First Rule of Punk (6th)- Students will create 'zines similar to the one in the book by cutting out images from old magazines. This activity could be done during three book club classes or during ELA class. BreakoutEDU challenges are being created for The Van Gogh Deception (6th), Click’d (7th), & The Eureka Key (8th). Breakouts are similar to an escape room, except that students will be using clues from the books to break into a box with several different types of combination locks on it. The breakouts take 45-60 minutes to complete and are recommended for ELA classes for either an pre-reading or post-reading activity.
  • Facebook Live Events: There are four remaining Facebook Live events with the authors of this year's Sunshine State books. The video is streamed from the SSYRA Facebook page at The chats last 30-45 minutes, and students will have an opportunity to ask the authors live questions. Let Ms. Ratliff know if you would like to bring your class to a Facebook Live event in the innovation center.
  • SSYRA Voting: The Escambia County Supervisor of Elections will hold an election for the favorite book on the SSYRA list in April. Students must have read at least 3 titles from the list to vote. Official ballots and ballot counters will be used, and then our votes will be sent to the state to determine the winning book.
  • Destiny Collections: A collection of SSYRA resources is being curated within Destiny. To access the collection, visit the following site:


  • Beanstack is a new app available for our students to track their independent reading minutes. To access Beanstack, visit It's Learning (Core LMS) and click on the Beanstack app. There is also a Beanstack app available for mobile devices. Escambia County School District is embarking on a 3,000,000 minute reading challenge this school year, and Beanstack is an easy way to track students' reading. Teachers may decide to log the minutes for their students, or they may allow students to track their reading minutes on their own. Students can also write book reviews and earn virtual badges in Beanstack. Classes have already been loaded in Beanstack and is available for use now. To view a Beanstack training video, go to Please enroll your students in the Winter Reading Challenge! If at least half of our student body logs 20 minutes of independent reading 3 times per week in the month of January, our school will reach or exceed the school goals of 100,000 minutes for the month of January. There will be an iPad available in the innovation center for students to log their minutes during Read & Ride or during other independent reading activities. There are currently 710 minutes logged for Warrington so far. Beanstack is a great way to keep track of reading during Book Club. Beanstack competitions will start soon! Contact Ms. Ratliff if you need help with the application.

Shelf Awareness

What's new on the shelves?
  • 646 new books were added to the library collection last semester. New books are still being processed. If you have any requests for titles to add to the collection, please let Ms. Ratliff know or fill out the wish list:
  • Genre Spotlight: There will be a display each month highlighting a different genre in the innovation center. January's spotlight is mystery and will include chapter books and graphic novels.
  • Do your students love the Bluford High series? Did you know that the entire Bluford High series is available in audio at the following site: ? Warrington has class sets of several of the titles if your classes are interested in reading and listening to the book series. When using audiobooks in your classroom, please make sure that you check the terms of use prior to using in the classroom. Fair use is broad, but there are limitations. Ask Ms. Ratliff about audiobook use in the classroom if you are unsure.

Future Launches

  • January 10th @ 9:30 AM is the scheduled time for a Facebook Live chat with Tamara Ireland Stone, author of SSYRA book Click'd.
  • January 17th @ 9:30 AM is the scheduled time for a Facebook Live chat with Jennifer Brown, author of SSYRA book How Lunchbox Jones Saved Me from Robots, Traitors, & Missy the Cruel.
  • January 28th-February 1st is Florida Literacy Week. There will be opportunities for students to win books throughout the week as well as a Beanstack competition for the Book Club class with the most logged reading minutes for January. Stay tuned for a calendar of events.
  • February 11th-February 15th will be the week of the Scholastic Book Fair in the innovation center. Teachers may sign up to bring their classes to visit the book fair. There will be a scavenger hunt for classes to compete for book prizes.
  • March 14th @ 9:30 AM is the scheduled time for a Facebook Live chat with Celia Pérez, author of SSYRA book The First Rule of Punk.
  • March 29th @ 9:30 AM is the scheduled time for a Facebook Live chat with Megan Frazer Blakemore, author of SSYRA book The Firefly Code.
  • May 4th @ 8:00 AM is Battle of the Books at Washington High School. We hope to send three teams from Warrington this year!
  • Overdue notices will continue to be placed in ELA teachers' boxes periodically throughout the semester. For a complete list of students with overdue books or fines, please check your email.
Innovation Center Student Sign In/Out List

New electronic sign in/out method for students: Check to see if your students signed in & out of the innovation center!