The Writer

By:Madison Henry

Who Was?

Do you know who wrote Little House books? Laura did! So there was this woman named Laura Ingalls Wilder. She was born in Febuary 7,1867 in Wisconsin. She also moved a lot like to house to house. Laura had siblings, and 2 of them were Charles and Caroline. Then she married a guy named Almanzo Wilder. She wrote books about her childhood called Little House, but Almanzo wrote books after her. Farmer Boy (1933) is the story of his childhood. These Happy Golden Years, (1943) unites the families with the marrige of Lauran and Almanzo. These gentle, and funny stories they show all of the important things of a very close family.

What did he/she do?

West From Home (1974) is a collection of letters of what Laura wrote to Almanzo in 1915. Anyway in 1894 she moved to Missouri. Sometimes she gave speeches and traveled. But she spent most of her time on the Missouri farm. Then Laura wrote an autobiography during around the 1930s. Finally it was published in 2014, it was pioneer girl!! Also Laura wrote little house books until the early 1940s.

What was their impact on the world?

Did you know that Laura is one of the most influential authors in American history. Laura Ingalls Wilder was an American author of books for children. Her books got awards and Laura became famous. In the 1970s a tv show called ¨Little House On The Prarie¨. People remember Laura for her charming books about life on the American frontier.

Should we try to be more like them? Why or Why not?

I think we should try to be more like her. She was caring because she answered as many letters as she could from children. Also Laura was smart,great, and a really good writer. Did you know that when Laura was 15 she became a teacher. I want to be a teacher too! Its sad that Laura died February 10th, 1957 she was 90 years old. Anyway that is the story of Laura Ingalls Wilder.