Virus (no scientific name)

Mug Shot


Most at risk- Unvaccinated young children are most at risk, But any non-immune person (not been vaccinated or did not develop immunity) are at risk.

workers exposed- Healthcare workers like nurses and doctors.


Injury to Victim- Hacking cough, runny nose, high fever, red eyes, koplik's spots inside mouth, and full body rash.

Damage to the body- Can cause death, deafness, brain damage, or pneumonia.


Where it can be found- Europe, the Pacific, Africa, and the U.S.


Ways to defend yourself- Avoid contact from people with the virus.

Prevention- Vaccination

Treatments- No specific medical treatment. Drink a lot of fluid and get plenty of rest. Advil can help with the fever.


Body system- respiratory system (lungs and breathing tubes)

Different types of infections- can cause Phenomena

Transmitted through- coughing and sneezing.