Krusty Krab Kooking klass

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Hosted by: Steph S.

Learn to make yummy in your tummy patties!

This Klass might blow your mind! The fumes of the wonderful smelling Kraby Parties will mess with you, you might walk out with 10, 20 30 40 maybe even 50!! I advise you to come on in and stop on by for a free Krabby Patty kooking leason."Held against Mr. Crabes will"

Happening every Friday and Saturday from now and till the end of time..

Friday- Friday every time you successfully koock a Kraby Patty the wright way you get a free milkshake made by Spongebob himself!Saturday- Every Saturday when you step foot into the Krusty Krab you will get a large fry on the house!WHERE- 192 Krusty Ave.WHEN-every saturday


Will most likely NOT be a Krabby time!