Logging and Water Pollution

By. Alex Austin

Logging + Water Pollution advantages and disadvantages

Logging is the cutting/slashing of trees. Also logging or commercial logging invloves cutting trees for sale, which is called Timber. The average trees cut down per minute is about 400 trees. Timber is used for building homes,buildings, paper, furniture, and etc. Logging can be really useful for building things and making paper, but also the more we cut down trees the less the oxygen. Later in life, as time goes by oxygen is going to be key, and right now people are not so worried about trees being cut down, but they will some day. Even though logging is extremely useful, we will be happy later in life when we have trees, which keep us alive. So that means the less the logging the higher the chances of our lives being saved. This will save us time and money starting now to the end of the world.

Water pollution is the contamination of water bodies such as rivers, lakes, ponds, streams, etc. Water pollution occurs when pollutants or some type of resource is put or discharged into that specific type of body of water without proper treatment. Water pollution affects living plant life and living organisms in that type of water. In this case, where logging is happening, many logs will fall into some type of body of water, which is already pollution, but even worse those workers or employees won't pick up the logs in the water. So that leads to water pollution, where after periods of time the trees will decay and decompose in the water, which kills tons of living matter. Their really is no positive points for water pollution, but their is some for negative points such as destroying biological communities in regions of that body of water, another is killing live matter. So the less logging we do, the less water pollution. And that can lead to a safier and more clean enviroment than ever. Doing these simple tasks will save us time, our money , and most impotrant our water.


Level one: How many trees are being cut down a minute?

A) 50. B) 10000. C) 400. D) 800000

Level two: What are the long term effects of pollution on the aquatic ecosystems?

A) kills most living matter, and most organisms

B) affects only a certain species

C) destroys ecosystem, but organisms live

D) Solves world hunger for 5 years

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