Violance of Children's Rights

Organizations that Promote Children's Rights

What is the violence of children's rights?

Violence of children's rights is when a certain poor country has to hire young children to work on farms and having to wor all day and night, with no breaks. This is a very important issue to address, because kids that work all day don't have the significant life we have and they have to work for their families. Some fo kids work on the farms is that either their parents abandened them, or street kids having people hire them to work, People don't see that this issue is that imporant, thinking that hiring random children will give them the power to control them to do whatever they tell them to do, and because they live in a world that they don't, which makes them feel happy about themselves, and not caring about the children being dragged into that kind of situation.

World Summit on Children's Rights

Thursday, Mar 21st, 8-11am

1 Kong Sin Wan Rd

Pok Fu Lam