Livvy's Term 3 Goals 2013

Math's Goal:

To work on division.

How i'm going to achieve this:

1. Going on mathletics.

2. Using other maths websites.

3. Use James(he is a maths teacher that I know)


So far this term I think my maths has been going pretty good. I've gotten a bit better and a bit faster on the basic facts test. So far what we have done this term is: Area & Perimeter. I think that I am going pretty well with the are & perimeter stuff. I know how to find the area and perimeter which is really useful.

Reading Goal:

To get into a few more 'intense' books.

I am going to achieve this by:

1. Reading more intense books.

2. Reading books outside of my comfort zone.


I think he books that I am reading are getting a it more intense already but I reckon that I could go a bit further with most of them.

The books I am reading now are:

1. Killing Rachel- Second book in a series, The first book is: Dead time. Author: Anne Cassidy.

2. I am number four- First book in a series, the other books are: (I can not remember). Author: Pittacus Lore.

3. War & Peace- Author: Leo Tolstoy

Writing/Literacy Goal:

To use some 'stronger' words

I am going to achieve this by:

1. Reading a bit of the dictionary every night.


I think that my writing has improved a bit since the beginning of the year. I have been using some stronger words this year than I previously have been.

P.E Goal:

To get a bit fitter:

I am going to achieve this by:

1. Doing a bit more excercise than I want to.


I have been getting a bit fitter since the beginning of the Year. One way I can tell this is because the second time I did the beep test I got a higher score than the first time. I also feel a little bit fitter every week.

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