February Newsletter

Ms. Feighny's Class is LOVING February!

Slice of Agriculture Field Trip

On our field trip, we learned about how farmers milk cows. We learned about what kinds of meat people eat. We also learned about tractors and the sizes of some tractors and how much they cost. We got to go inside of one and it was really cool. We learned about pigs and how they raise pigs to get plump and then kill them for food. We learned about seeds and what year you should plant them, and what foods they can be in like tomatoes you have spaghetti sauce out of tomatoes. We learned about grains like wheat and corn and that while we're having fun in the summer farmers are picking their crops. We also saw Maya, the cow. By: Amara and Maya

Student Council

Cecilia and Peter have been sent off forever it was really fun and cool says CiCo. Being in StuCo was really fun and I want to do it in middle and high school says Peter.

Now introducing our new StuCo members…

Jameson and Jayne!!!!!!

Student council is great! It let’s you get involved with school activities, says Jayne. Jameson thinks Jayne is awesome. Peter and Cici support this message.

By: Peter, Cici, Jayne and Jameson


iTime is Genius Time; It’s all about creation. Put creation into projects and posters and etc. During iTime you can do Prezis, coding projects, talk shows, make and Adobe Voice, Tynker, and a lot of other stuff. You can research about science, animals, math & lots of other stuff!

By: Mason, B.B. & Aidan


For weeks we’ve been working on Unit Five in Math. Recently we all finished up to lesson six. We’re working on the Metric System, unit conversion, and area and perimeter. It goes up to Lesson Eight and then we will take the final test to move onto Unit Six.

By: Hunter and Thomas

Class Read Aloud: Paddle to the Sea

The students in Ms. Feighny class have been reading a book together called Paddle to the Sea. We have written notes about the book and writing about what has happened. We’ve written our own journal based on the book, we will be showing our journals at parent teacher conferences. We are also writing our own endings of the book to search our talents. We heard about the towns around the Great Lakes. We have drawn the path of where Paddle has went on a map and created our own cover for the book.

By: Evan H., Matthew S. and Sammy

Valentine's Day Party

We had dark chocolate cupcakes that were healthy for you, cuties, and strawberries. We played bingo but since it was a Valentine’s Day party we called it “Heart Bingo!” We also made picture frames with ourselves in it and we decorated them. We got many different things like bracelets, pudding, and a LOT of candy. We did special Valentine’s Day activities like we learned about the history of Valentine’s Day and St. Valentine. Ms. Feighny’s fiancée and dad also came to visit our classroom that day. Thank you to all the parents who helped with the party-we felt so special and loved!

By:Isaac, Zoe, and Ruth

Feeling Groovy Book Fair

The Book Fair Is Here!!! The location is in the fourth grade hallway. There Will be many books available for purchase. Some titles are:

  • The Ranger In Time series

  • The I Survived series

  • Guinness World Records 2016 Gamers Edition

  • The Goosebumps Series

  • Weird But True And Myths BUSTED! Books

  • The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Series

  • A Book On The Youtuber, Stampy

  • The Magic Tree House Series

  • And Much More

By: Connor

Social Studies-The Midwest

We are doing midwest projects which we are learning about the Great Lakes, mapping of the midwest, famous kansans and tribes of the midwest. We are having really fun doing these things. Look on Seesaw for uploads of our projects!

By: Evan Sanger, Coby Ochsner, and Noah Williams

Winter Party

Our winter party in December was fun. We made penguin slingshots and they flinged snowballs. We got to eat grinch pills and we made grinches made out of fruit and marshmallows. We had an amazing time. Thank you to all the parents who helped with the celebration!

By: Maddy, Addie, Shanley, and Myra