No Promises In The Wind

Losing Hope

No Promises In The Wind

Times are tough, and people are getting depressed. People are getting discouraged and there is less hope than there used to be. Chances of getting a job are lower and money is tight. People keep trying and trying and nothing is getting accomplished. No hope is left for some families that are living out in the streets.

The most noticeable conflict is Josh versus world.

Josh is fighting everyone to make it on his own. He is fighting for food and shelter. He is running away from his dad who is only proud at heart and never shows it. He is in the real world now trying to find a decent job. He is trying to find any job that pays. Josh is fighting to protect Joey. Josh is protecting Joey from horrible things, things that happened to Howie.

"Were you in trouble?" "Yes ma'am. Too big an appetite. (pg. 70)"

The theme relates to this because that's why Josh left. Josh left because of arguments at home and his mom said it's probably time for you to go out on your own. Therefore losing hope because he walked out on his family because of the arguments he's had with his father. Money was tight in the depression, it was tight enough without a big appetite.

Josh and his dad fight a lot because they are very different at heart and have totally different opinions.

This relates to the theme because they have no hope of every getting along. They lost that hope when Joey was born. Dad started caring more about Joey than he did for Josh. "You must understand that Dad is terribly proud of you." (pg. 25)