one day Zeus commanded his sculpter to make her. She was given many amazing gifts and qualities . Some of them where beauty, intelligence, and curiosity. One day on her wedding day she was given a box. She was told that she's forbidden to open. And in this world she lives in there is no sickness , old age , death or and thing that's bad. So one day she opens it, and. All the bad things in the world came poring out. but the one thing left in the box was something very tiny hope.

Family tree

She does not have a family tree because, she was sculpted. But , I guess you could say Zeus is the father because he commanded for her to be sculpted.




P- please I want to open the box!!!

Z- never open the box there are things you should not let the world see.

P- well what if I just peek very slightly in.

Z-no never open the box .

P-fine I will put it out of my sight and try not to think about it.

Z- great idea , don't ask again.

(After she opens it)

P- I have opened the box.

Z- you were given the gift of curiosity .

P-but it's ok because, there was still hope left.

Z-ok well it's over now .

Where did she live?

She originally came from Greece and lived there all her life. She didn't travel much.

Compare and contrast

I am comparing pandora and Mario closa.


  • Both very curious .
  • Both have hair.
  • Found out a new fact.
  • Differences
  • Mario won a noble peace prize
  • Different genders
  • One is a god one is a human