Durango, Mexico

By Jay Dal

Outline of Durango Mexico

* Durango is fourth largest state of Mexico

* average elevation is 2,000 meters high = 6,600 feet

* most of Durango is mountainous

* average maximum temperature is 95 degrees farenhite

* eastern parts of Durango is 68 degrees farenhite

* mostly dry because the Sierra Madre blocks the humid weather from the Pacific


* The climate in the winter stands to be cool

* vast desert basins in the Laguna district are irrigated by the Nazas river


There are a lot of forest in the city, which can lead to good rainfall. Most of Durango

is with mountains which can lead to freezing cold up on the mountains. The average

elevation height is 2,000 meters = 6,600 feet. If you wanted to visit there, then you

would have to wear a jacket, scarf, winter goggles, etc. This is only for the eastern

parts of Durango.

The western parts of Durango is dry. The temperature is about 35 C/95 f. you can barely see any roads western side of Durango. It's mainly dry because the sierra matter blocks a way the human weather coming from the Pacific Ocean. If you wanted to tour the western part of Durango, then you mat as well need more then 20 water bottle with you, Because you can dehighdrated easily even drinking one bottle of water.

The northern part of Durango is very forested and very rainy. It's very good for survival. People mainly go to the northern parts because it has more rain falls. some times there is too much rain fall, that if you were to hike , you would barley see anything there. if you were to tour there, then you might need a rain jacket, an umbrella, a hat, and rain boots because of the rain.