ancient greece

by Nick Mehlert

The Introdution

My project is about Ancient Greece. My first paragraph is about the pollopian war. My second paragraph is about the heritage of the Ancient is about there heritage. My third paragraph is about the Greek city-states.

The Peloponnesian War

Are you ready to learn about the Peloponnesian War. It started in 431 bc. It was for sea power. It put an end to the athens. In 493 bc captives were sold into slavery. This disaster sealed fate of the athens. Then in 505 bc the empire came to an end.

The heritage of the ancient greeks

ready to learn about the ancient greeks heritage. the empire survived till they lost thier independance. they live life away from wars. When the creative age ended the artists became teachers. A poet named Horace became the goldan mean. They where dertrmined by reason.

the end of greek city -states

ready to learn about the end of greek city states. The battle ended spartas power. King Philip came to power in 360 bc. he made greek education. the military was to strong for disunited city states . empire embraced almost the entire world.



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