The Nerds Paper

By: Carter Hutchinson

The Anime of the Week

The anime of the week is Naruto Shippuden. Naruto Shippuden is an anime about a boy that is a ninja and is training to become hokage. Hokage are the top ranked ninja in the village of hidden leaves. But Naruto has a nine tailed fox sealed inside of him. Will he tame it? The anime is a Comedy, Romance, Action, and a family classic.
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The Nine-Stared Discovery

This is the nine tailed fox. Very few people have witnessed it. I actually have seen it myself. These animals can be furious and will attack anything In sight. However they can be tamed by feeding them raw meat and warm milk. If you ever see one run away if it sees you to.
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A New Region?????

A new region has showed up on the pokepidia Possibly Region Z! Pokémon is a game were you catch creatures and battle using them. Some you can fly on and some you can dig under ground. There are legendary Pokémon That are hard to catch and each legendry Pokémon has its own game and its own story line to go up to it.
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