Dylan Correll

General Wind

  • wind is created unequal heating of Earths surface
  • wind always blows from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure
  • there are 2 types of wind global winds and local winds

Local Winds

  • local winds change direction and speed frequently
  • local winds cover a small area
  • there are 2 types of local winds land breezes and sea breezes
  • land breezes blow from the land to the sea and occur during the night time
  • sea breezes blow from the sea to the land and occur during the daytime

Global Winds

  • global winds almost never change direction or speed
  • global winds cover massive amounts of the earth
  • examples of global winds are Trade Winds, Prevailing Westerlies, Polar Easterlies, Jet Streams
  • Trade winds blow towards the equator from the Horse Latitudes
  • when traveling north they turn towards the left and when traveling south the winds turn toward the right
  • Trade winds received there name when traders sailed through those parts so the could trade
  • the Horse Latitudes are areas of calm winds or no wind at all
  • the Horse Latitudes got their name from ships caught in these calm wind areas had to throw horses over board
  • prevailing westerlies blow from the Horse Latitudes to the North and South poles
  • Jet Streams travel from west to east
  • the Jet Streams can span over miles but are only a couple of meters high
  • pilots use the Jet Streams to get to places faster