The New World Changes

Is The United States About To Change?

The "New Machinery" Being Created

From Great Britain, a new law has been out that any great machinist, to the tools of making people rich, cannot leave Britain for some reason. Now, a man that'd dressed as a farmer, from Great Britain, Samuel Slater, immigrated into America and changed many peoples lives with machinery. Samuel Slater and Moses Brown have now built the "Textile Mills" along water for easier production for cloth. Now, the increase of Mills along rivers have led to make money easier to other people or entrepreneurs. Now, Samuel Slater had created a new system called, The Rhode Island system which now, hires families and their children and so, Slater has made another successful job on helping changing other peoples lives and hiring many different types of people.

The Industrial Revolution Creator

The New Production Of Weapons

There may have been news about America going to War with France so this man, Eli Whitney, have to make 3,000 muskets or guns b the next year. Now, he has created the new Production called the Mass Production. He has assembled 1 gun with pieces that can assemble easily with each other right in front of The President of the United States. The President had given some money to Eli Whitney to start his factory of Mass Production. Now, people are being hired to assemble things together and also, work on the machines.