Winslow's Weekly News

Happenings in Room B-4


We are moving on to Unit 4 in reading. This week we will introduce the Long i in words. We will continue our study of the "firecracker e" in words that make the vowel say its own name. For example: kite, smile, mice...

We will begin learning how to summarize in our reading and also how to analyze story elements. I will teach my students to summarize with a Somebody-Wanted-But-So format. Here is an example: Cinderella Wanted to go to the ball, But her evil stepmother wouldn't allow her to go, So her fairy godmother showed up and used magic to give her a dress, shoes, and a carriage.


We are beginning Unit 5 in our math curriculum. This week we will be counting dimes and pennies, counting 10-groups and learning how to convert teen penny amounts into a dime and extra pennies. During our math station time we will continue our work on counting and writing to 120. Most of the kids are almost there. Writing numbers from 101-120 will be our focus. Have your child practice at home too!!!

What's going on this week?

***We will review our Rice Lake expectations for the hallways, lunchroom and bathrooms. It is always a good reminder to refresh after a long break!

***We will review and discuss Bus Safety rules and also explore some winter safety rules. Please remember to have your child dress for our winter weather. They go outside every day for recess and I think winter has finally arrived! Label your child's gear with their name so if lost...we can find it easier!

***I will be gone on Monday so there will be a sub in my room. I have a funeral to attend and will look forward to seeing all my kids on Tuesday!

***Happy New Year to you all! 2016 will be a great year!!!

Monday- PE Tuesday- Music Wednesday- PE Thursday- Music Friday- PE

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