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October 24, 2018

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Classes of Courtney York and Sarah Wildeman

Students from Courtney and Sarah's classes exercised their critical thinking skills and demonstrated their knowledge of expressions and equations with a Catapult Attack physical Breakout EDU.

Sarah and Courtney understand the power of BreakoutEDU to:

  • Promote more collaboration and team-building
  • Develop problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Teacher perseverance
  • Build inference skills
  • Build ability to work under pressure
  • Center learning around students and inquiry
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Hour of Code 2018

Coming December 3 - 9, 2018

Stop Motion video with Google Slides

Kasey Bell speaks of Google Slides as the Swiss Army Knife of G Suite. Slides offers so many possibilities for you and your students. Listen as a student explains how to use slides to create stop motion video.

From Eric Curts

Build a Jack-O-Lantern with Google Slides
Use this Google Slides template for students to create a Jack-O-Lantern, practice tech skills, and improve their writing.

Halloween Rebus Stories with Emojis and Google Docs
Use this Google Doc template to have your students do creative writing with Halloween-themed emojis.

360 Degree Learning with Google Tour Creator
See how you and your students can bring learning to life by creating 360 degree virtual tours. Learn how to add photos with a 360 degree camera, or the Cardboard Camera mobile app, or just from Street View. Then go deeper with image overlays, points of interest, and voice narration. Finally share your creation with the world.

Blog post with detailed directions:


Tina Parker's Anchor Charts

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Chelsea Mayer, Dawn Bowen, and Ann Wilder's Bottle Dolls

Using design thinking, and project-based learning, Marrs grade 2 teachers work on writing and social studies standards to have their students create products (timelines and bottle dolls) to demonstrate their understanding of historical figures.

Their project design can be viewed in the pdf document below.

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Angie McNamara's Design Project

6th grade science (Angie Mac): "Groups of students were challenged to design a model that would move a VERY LARGE boulder (cotton ball). They were given supplies and they designed, but they all spoke different languages so they couldn't communicate.! To show them real world life, I later told them there was a recall on certain objects, so they had to REDESIGN. This is an example of real world problem-solving."
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Angie McNamara's Design Project

"We had a class hired to build a basketball court on company property for their employees! To see if the court would fit outdoors between buildings, we had to find speed, stopping distance and reaction time. Once we had those calculations we could determine safe stopping distance without running into the existing surrounding buildings.

Side note: We also found that reaction time goes WAY DOWN when we are trying to text at the same time (see Ryan not able to catch the meter stick). WOW, imagine that. Hopefully they remember this fun activity when they start to drive."

Her project design can be viewed in the pdf below.

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Kahoot for Halloween

Have you seen these Halloween KaHoot games?
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