Questions and Answers Concerning

Engineered Hardwood Flooring in Burlington

Questions and Answers Concerning Engineered Hardwood Flooring in Burlington

Is installing engineered hardwood flooring in Burlington homes a smart choice? The simple answer is yes indeed! Not only is hardwood flooring an economical choice, it is pleasing to both the eye and the environment. Additionally it is durable and easily maintained. Hardwood flooring is also quick and easy to install, especially if done by an experienced dealer or contractor. Other surfaces have their own set of pros and cons, and it is wise to consider several options. The following questions and answers however, may convince you to join the ranks of homeowners who have installed engineered hardwood flooring in Burlington.

Q. Engineered Hardwood Flooring or Solid Wood Planking?

Burlington gets quite humid in the summer, and one of the benefits of installing hardwood flooring in Burlington is that it is designed and manufactured to resist shrinking and warping. The laminating process incorporates the layering of thin pieces of hardwood laid over one another in a crossing pattern. These thin pieces are then sandwiched between two thicker laminates, the result being a solid plank that resists any sort of twisting or warping. Solid planks on the other hand may warp more easily, leaving you with an unsightly and unsafe rippled effect on your floor.

Q. What is the Best Size Plank to Use?

The size, and more importantly the width of the plank you use will very much affect the feel and look of your room. If you aim to achieve a country-like or rustic atmosphere to the room, it is best to use a plank that is more than four inches in width. If a formal look is more to your liking, use a narrower plank.

Q. How Important is Color and Grain?

The lighting of your room is an important factor in choosing the color and grain type that you select. If your room is already a bit dark, you may want to go with a lighter grained wood and vice-versa. Similarly, the feel of your room will also be affected by the color you choose. A dark color will impart a rich, formal air; a lighter color generally imparts a more casual tone to the room.

Q. Is Hardwood Flooring Appropriate for a Basement?

If you are installing hardwood flooring in a Burlington basement, your contractor will need to ensure that the sub-floor has less than 4% moisture content. Keep in mind though, that even if the moisture content of the sub-floor is below that level, moisture accumulated more readily in basements and as such humidity levels will be higher than in above-ground rooms. As such, it is always wise to have a plastic vapor barrier laid as well.

Q. What is the Cost of Hardwood Flooring in Burlington?

You can pay anywhere between$1 and $15 dollars per square foot for hardwood flooring and installation in Burlington. There are wholesale liquidators where you can pick up some real bargains, and don’t overlook clearance sales either. The wider you cast your net, the greater your chances of securing excellent quality engineered hardwood flooring in Burlington at a rock-bottom price.