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Martin Luther King Jr. Description

Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) is one of the most commonly known African American civil rights activist, known for how he affected the citizens of America. He was born in 1929, around the peak of America's racism. This made it a difficult time for him to live in, making him have the need to stop it. MLK was not only for African-American rights, he was also for EVERY race, such as Hispanic, Asian, etc. He put on speeches and movements that inspired thousands to take the steps that he was taking. Which people did follow his steps, making inspired ones carry out to the public and rioted. On March 7, 1965, MLK led the five day long, 54 mile march of Selma to Montgomery. The protest was a mostly non-violent event.
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Harriet Ross Tubman's Path to Overcome Adversity

Araminta Ross was born in Maryland Dorchester County, in 1819, as an African woman. Right after she was born they put her into slavery. Six years later her slave owner started putting her to work. This was a very hard part of her life, she had to work hard every freezing cold day, struggling. Twenty-five years after that in 1844 she got married to a free African man named John Tubman. This is where her last name changes from "Ross" to "Tubman." Five years later she escaped slavery, using a system of underground railroads, she traveled to Philadelphia. Three years after that she helped slave escape captivity. Tubman went back to where the slaves were being kept nineteen times, ultimately rescuing over three hundred slaves. This event is one of most commonly known facts about her, and is what made Harriet Tubman one of the most famous African Women in America's history. Finally, Harriet Tubman died of Pneumonia at the age of 91 in 1913.
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Louis Zamperini Cause and Effect

Louis Zamperini suffered through many hard times in his life. He was born in 1917, right around the end of WWI. At this time, America's economy and business was growing rapidly. As a result, more jobs were being created. Louis is an Italian living in America. Meaning that he didn't speak English. In effect, that made him difficult to understand and target for bullying. In 1941 WWII had just started to begin. This means that the US had to enroll people for war. He became part of the air and ground Military force. Him and his crew had to fly in an air ship though Pacific islands. ON the island of Oahu, their plane was hit and falling to the ocean. Only three survived as an effect. Louis, Russell Phillips, and Francis McNamara. They floated for 47 days with little food, such as a small fish and captured rainwater. This caused them to be very weak and run down. Once they found land, the Japanese captured and tortured them until the rest of the war. All of Louis' great feats in the war is what made him so famous up to today.
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