Terra Linda Times

Week of February 15-19

Hello Friends!

Here is a weekly newsletter with important dates, activities , and school information. It is also how we will track behavior and other action plan data. Please read it weekly and include your classroom data.


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Jaycee IS NOT HERE this week!

Week At a Glance

All week- Times vary- Shakespeare Plays in Kiva.

Feb 15 No School

Feb 16 Jen out, 6th Grade RahRah at Elk Ridge, No PM Speech or Guidance, 2nd

Grade/Sped Planning 1/2 day

Feb 17 First Grade Planning, Birthday Wagon, 3rd Grade Literacy PD

Feb 18 No Principal Pride, 4th Grade Lit PD, 6th Grade Rah Rah@ JPJ,5th Grade Energy Class

Feb 19 Literacy/Intervention Reports DUE to district, Faculty Mtg, K-3 I-Ready Training

Math Benchmark 3 Due

Looking Ahead

Please put the following dates on your calendars:

April 14 Leadership Night- we will need a lot of teachers there!

April 30 Comcast Cares Day- Come help our community make our school even better!

Please Read:

Special Ed will be reviewing the new Intervention/Referral form at the next faculty mtg. If you have specific questions you want answered, please send them to Jessie ASAP so the team can plan. Also, if you have filled one out already and have some tips or would like to share your experience, let her know that as well.

If you are up for JPAS and haven't had 2 observations yet, please send times for next week when you are off your regular schedule or giving a test, etc. Otherwise, I will follow the master schedule when planning my observations.

The window for taking the school climate surveys is open. Your kids (grades 2-6) will be taking it in the computer lab. I am asking each of you to take it as well. If you are a parent here, please take it a second time as a parent for each child you have at our school. It is very important that you all take this. Here is the Teacher/Staff Link: http://bit.ly/1NPIXui Here is the parent link : http://bit.ly/1O5llE2. Thanks!

Reminder: Valene sent out an email with some great math PD opportunities that you can get paid for. It is worth checking out! Why should that extra money and knowledge go to someone else :)

Feb 19 is when Mid Year Literacy Growth and Intervention Reports are due. It is on the same google doc you used last time. If you can't find it, ask me for help. Remember that you put on your red and yellows, and any child you put on the report, you have to put down the intervention you are using on the boxes below the report. If you want Shaunna to do her part of your intervention report, you need to get it to her TODAY.