Did you Hear?

Did you hear?

It only takes $500 in retails sales to be QUALIFIED!

That's right... it's easier than ever to be Qualified!

$500 is just a small Trunk Show or a few outside orders.
So do you think you can do it--- absolutely! $500 is VERY doable so reach out a Book 1 more!


Why do you want to be Qualified?

Lots of reasons- first of all it shows that you're "in the game" and pursuing your business. Secondly, you have to be Qualified in order to earn free business supplies and corporate-referred orders! And it's the smartest way to maintain consistent activity in your business!

Earn FREE jewelry just by being qualified!

Take advantage of our "QUALIFIED CONSISTENCY BONUS!!"

Earn $100 in jewelry credit when you're qualified for 3 consecutive months!
It's quarterly (Apr-May-Jun, Jul-Aug-Sep, Oct-Nov-Dec) so don't miss your chance to take advantage of this fantastic new incentive.

Earn each quarter and that's a total of $400 in product credits for the year!

Make sure you QUALIFY in April

And again in May & June so you can earn $100 in free product this quarter!