Indiana Religious Freedom Bill

By Solo Sinimbou

Basic Background Information

Governor Mike Pense of Indiana State signed a law on March 26th to allow individuals and companies to assert that their exercise of religion has been, is likely to be, substantially burdened as a defense in legal proceedings.

The first picture is an example of people who protested and the second is comic supporting it

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How Media portray the indiana religious freedom bill

The "media are misrepresenting the law" talking point was widely repeated on Fox, which ironically continued to peddle misinformation about the law as the week went on.

On Outnumbered, co-host Andrea Tantaros falsely suggested that no business would refuse service to a gay couple, declaring that she doesn't "see Christian businesses refusing to serve eggs to anyone." Fox senior political analyst Brit Hume declared that Indiana's law couldn't be discriminatory because it "never mentions gay people," ignoring that proponents of the measure explicitly intended RFRA to be used as an excuse to refuse to serve same-sex couples.

During a Tuesday afternoon press conference, Gov. Pence pledged to clarify the law to ensure that it wasn't used to justify discrimination, but blamed the media for misrepresenting RFRA:

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My Opinion

I thinks that such a laws should not even exist in Indiana. We all are able to choose our religion or what we want to do or believe in. Religious people should understand that serve a gay people means that they agree to homosexual marriage and don't take them away from their believe, because I think that business and religions can't be combine. This laws should be revise,because it can be a new source of conflict in United State.

The fox News_Bias

In the fox news article, they were bias by placement. The way they arranged the article by giving us an example of another state (Arizona) that wanted to pass the law then gradually entered the topic about Indiana state and the religious restoration act shows that they focused on their placement. They are also bias by story selection. The stories they posted were stories only used to emphasize their points of view even more.
Indiana Religious Freedom Bill

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