Be Informed...Be Proactive...Be Safe...Rules to Follow on the Internet:

You now know about just a few of the possible dangers that exist on the internet. The following basic 'do not's' will help to protect you while you surf the internet:

  1. Do not share your passwords, full name, phone numbers, or home address details with anyone online. If your friends need them, they can ask you personally!
  2. Do not open emails from strangers. Definitely avoid opening e-mails with suspicious subject lines like 'lottery' or 'invite'.
  3. Do not click on advertisements on the sides of websites. Often they can lead to dirty websites and videos
  4. Do not upload your picture. If you need to do so, take your elder siblings' help or ask your parents for advice.
  5. Do not change the internet settings your parents have made. They have made these settings for your own safety.
  6. DON'T EVER agree to meet someone you met online in person. It could be someone with bad intentions who is not who he/she claims to be. If you must meet them, take your parents with you.