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I heard the word "yet" a lot last week, especially in the context of "I haven't done ______ yet this year."I know this year is flying by! How can it be the last week of March?! We all know that the spring goes by in a flash and June will be upon us before we know it. Let's savor every minute!

I love that in Valerie Glueck's classroom the word YET is displayed so clearly at the front of the room. There may be many things that your students can't do "yet", but don't forget that there is still plenty of time this year for learning and growth. As always, let me know how I can support you in the journey.

Happy Reading!


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A Must-Have Picture Book!

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We Are Growing might be my new favorite picture book. It belongs in every classroom library and is a book students can hear year after year. There are so many valuable lessons in this book about growth and recognizing the special gifts and talents in others. Let me know if you want to borrow this incredible (and adorable!) book to share with your students!
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Growing a Growth Mindset

This new book by Dr. Kevin Sheehan and Jessica Ryan includes 15 lessons with mentor texts to help students grow a growth mindset. Check out the link to a blog post from Two Writing Teachers for more information about this new book and a chance to win a free copy!

Ideas for Units of Study and Writing Workshop

Know When to Step Away

This blog post from Stacey Shubitz has some great reminders for all of us about recognizing when to step away from students as they encounter a productive struggle. Stacey outlines excellent tips for writing conferences, including a cheat sheet!

The Heart Work of Persuasive Writing

Many grades are currently working on persuasive writing or getting ready to start this next Unit of Study. Lisa Keeler's Heart Maps (from Georgia Heard) for persuasive writing would be great to include in our units!

Transitional Phrases for Information Writing

Melanie Meehan includes helpful phrases for both early and upper elementary writers in this blog post.

On the Pitfalls of Hiding Out

Lanny Ball has some great points about the importance of feedback in conferencing with writers.

New Book Recommendations

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Our 2017 March Madness Nonfiction Picture Book Champion will be announced on Wednesday!

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