Middle Earth: India

This is where the true Middle Earth is.

About the India the Middle Earth

Some of you people may be asking yourself about why Middle Earth may be in India, but once you know about this region you begin to understand why. Trust me.

First India has a few basic things you might want to know such as language, landscape, and culture. India is mixed with a lot of different languages but the main language that is written and orally spoken would have to be Hindi. India also contains its varied culture and in this culture India's two main religious beliefs: Hinduism and Buddhism. The many aspects of this Indian culture can be seen constantly everyday. For example, an aspect of their culture is that cows are sacred and are worshiped everyday. Finally, India's landscape is the part you want to pay attention to because it can be really intriguing. India has a diverse landscape. What I mean by this is that India has a mountainous region, a desert region, plains, plateaus, mountain valleys, grassy hills, and river valleys. After hearing the landscape of India, can't you relate to Middle Earth? I believe you would because certain areas like the grassy hills and the mountainous regions are those you would imagine in Middle Earth. Anyways, now you know the culture, language, and physical landscape of the true Middle Earth known as India.

Why is India a good Middle Earth?

Why is India a good Middle Earth? Well, where do I begin. First lets start with Bilbo's town of Hobbiton. The river valleys, hills, and plateaus all contribute to supporting the fact of India being Middle Earth. In the text it describes Bilbo's town known as Hobbiton (Which is in the West Farthing of the Shire) as a "snug little village under a hill." This tells us or gives us a hint that the village is a somewhat lively and grassy place which is perfectly represented by India's river valleys, hills, plains, and plateaus. Next we have the Misty Mountains that are shown in the book. In the text, it states that "it was a long and treacherous climb" when they were going through the mountains. This shows us in our mind how the mountain should look. Again, India would be the perfect place to represent this because of its mountainous region and mountain valleys. In the book it clearly describes the mountains and the authors description resembles India in every way.

Are there other regions that represent Middle Earth better than India? No way!

You may think or believe that there is a region that is a better example of Middle Earth than India. Well, I'm sorry to tell you the truth, but there isn't. Before things heat up, let me explain. People may think other regions like Egypt, America, Europe, etc. are the perfect representation of Middle Earth, but India is the best example of Middle earth. India has the perfect landscape with its mountains to represent the Misty Mountains and the Lonely Mountain. India's hills may represent Hobbiton and Bilbo's hobbit hole. Whereas other countries such as Egypt do not have the perfect replica or the lively hills to precisely represent Middle Earth the way that India does with its spectacular and resembling characteristics.

Overall Idea

In conclusion, what I am trying to get through is that India would be the perfect example to represent Middle Earth with it mountains, grassy hills, river valleys, mountain valleys, plains, and plateaus. Its landscape replicates the imagined magical realm imagined by J.R.R Tolkien. there is nothing that can compete against the trait India has to be able to represent Middle Earth. I believe that now you and I would be on the same page after hearing me explain India and give you my reasons on why India is Middle Earth. Overall, India sets the best example to represent Middle Earth and you know how.