By Grace Bowden


An abnormal and persistent fear of thunder that causes anxiety even though sufferers realize that thunder itself poses no threat to them.


1. When outdoors during a thunderstorm, they may suffer excessive anxiety. When indoors, they may hide or cover their ears.

2. Other effects include a rapid heartbeat, sweating, and an intense sensation of fear, which increases until a person feels ill.


1. Exposure Therapy

2. Hypnosis

3. Medication

4. Behavioral Therapy

5. Relaxation Techniques

6. Psychiatry

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1. Brontophobia is the 10th Most Common Phobia in the United States.

2. Only 2% of the U.S. is effected

3. Often, this fear develops at a young age, but this phobia can begin at any age.

4. About 15% of animals suffer from brontophobia or other sound sensitive anxieties. 95% of these sound sensitivities are attribited to Brontophobia.

5. Madonna suffers from Brontophobia