My Family Tree

By: Shaun Evans

Family Fruits

For my family tree there are different things that contribute or have helped contribute to the growth of the family as I know it today

The Evans Blood

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Charles James Evans

  • Named after his father

  • Born in North Carolina on December 15th, in 1943

  • Came from a good family, didn’t have much but was happy with what they had.

  • Parents taught him to always work hard and always be a kind/giving person

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Charles Douglass Evans

  • Born and raised in Morristown, NJ
  • He was also named after his father but was only a couple of moments short of becoming a "CJ"
  • Has one older brother who currently just moved back to the states
  • Born July 18, 1964

The Jones Blood

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Francis Jones

  • Born September 9th 1951
  • Born in Alabama then later moved up here when she was about in her late twenties.
  • Met my grandfather a little bit later on in her life when she was in her mid thirties
  • Use to travel with my grandfather to his races

Albert Marshall Rainey

  • He use to race cars, with his brother and they were called "The Rainey Brothers"
  • He knew everything there was to know about cars
  • He was a very caring and strong man
  • His unique features was his naturally red hair which landed him the nickname "Redman", he also had a blond strip of hair in his goatee
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Michelle Evette Jones (Alexander)

  • Born and raised in Morristown NJ
  • Born June 1, 1968
  • She's the only girl on her moms side but on her dad's side she has a sister
  • Her youth was well lived and she learned a lot from people and the ever changing world.

And then...

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