By Ramon Castillo in 11/8/14

Reasons to go to Bolivia

Bolivia has many attractions that are simply out of this world one example is the Salar de Uyuni (also called the white desert) is a clear land made of salt beds. The salt beds cover as much as 3 million square acres of land. This type of attractions is a once in a lifetime sceanry

The religion and language of Bolivia

The main language of Bolivia is Spanish and is the official language of this country. The way they say hello in this country is hola. The main religion of this is country is catholic.

The ethnic groups of Bolivia

The main two ethnic groups of Bolivia is Quechua mestizo which both cover 30% of the population. Together these two groups cover 60% of the population.

Customs and traditions of Bolivia

Bolivia has many types of music such as saya, caporal. and many more. Bolivia also has a wide range of dances such as Uchulu, La Ruega, and many more. The type of food that is in this country is absolutely mesquite such examples is Silpancho, Majadito, and etc.

The economy of Bolivia

The way of life in Bolivia is that there is limited government which states that there is very little taxes to be paid. Bolivia also has a free market which again states that the systems is difficult to navigate.

The Holidays and Festivals of Bolivia

Bolivia has a holiday which is similar to mexicos day of the dead but it is the day of the skulls. There are many types of festivals such as the alasitas festival where the devotees buy there dreams. They celebrate this holiday for catholic reasons also it is stetted on January the 4.
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