Welcome To Earth

By : Ana Goodrich

How Do We Separate The Earth ?

We separate the Earth into 7 different continents. North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa. We also separate the Earth into different time zones. We separate them into climate zones. We have different climate zones because some people live closer to the equator and so its warmer there but some people change and have warm and cold depending on where they live on the Earth. Last we separate the Earth into different time zones because if we had all of the same time noon would be in the middle of the night for some people.


Mount Everest- It gets really cold there if you have breathing problems then you shouldn't climb the mountain.

Santa Maria- If you have leg problems then you shouldn't climb the volcano and if you get sick easily then you might not want to go out into the city.

Victoria Falls - If you are sensitive to water and don't like not to know where the water came from you shouldn't swim in the lake.

Packing List

Mount Everest - if your going to climb up the mountain then your going to want to bring climbing shoes, a heavy coat, a hat, gloves and if you have asthma bring an inhaler.

Victoria Falls - It can be cold and if you're going to be swimming in lake Victoria hat, rain coat, comfy shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen, bug spray.

Santa Maria - well it is always warm there so if your going to hike up the volcano then your going to need some shoes, shorts, camera flip-flops etc.

keep yourself hydrated and make sure you eat and stay healthy.

Travel Tips

At Santa Maria you could go into the Guatemala city and visit the malls . Near Mount Everest you can also climb the Himalayan mountains .

At Victoria falls you could go fishing and go on nature walks and go bird watching .