How does the Rainforests effect us?

how does the rainforest effect us?

How does the rainforests effect us?

The rainforests effect us by giving us more than twenty percent of our oxygen. There are about 36 football fields of land being destroyed every minute. People are destroying the trees just to make room for raising livestock then after a few years they leave and move to a different place to destroy. Bradford,Alina Deforestation: facts, causes, and effects. live March 04, 2015. Live science contributor. October 15, 2015.

Why is the Amazon so important?

The rainforests trees gives us oxygen. Because it is being destroyed we are losing percenta of our air. The trees also collect carbon dioxide from us which helps the plants grow. Bartschi,André. Why is the Amazon so important? Some time in 2015 (doesn't say). WWF. October 15, 2015.

How logging affects the amazon rainfirest.

Rainforests gives us two thirds of our planets fresh water. About 20% of the amazon rainforest has disappeared from raising livestock and logging. K,Nina. How logging affects the amazon rainforest? (does not have a date it was published). Demand media. October 15, 2015.