Jem Finch Worlds Best Brother

The Brother that fights for one thing, His sister

Jem Finch A True Brother

Many siblings don`t get along well because of their different interests in activities. But Jem and Scout are different. Jem tried to fight off a mysterious attacker protect his sister when she was in peril. He may have been injured in the action, but a few cuts and bruises will not be enough to take down this brother.

Life in Maycomb

Childhood Memories

"During his childhood in Maycomb, Jem has been haunted by the Boo Radley house and heard the tales of what Mr.Radley does to Boo. He does his best to keep Scout safe from the dreaded house and has been trying to avoid it. Days later, Jem realizes after Boo saves him from his mysterious attacker, He was wrong about him and knows that Boo isn`t as bad as he seems and will be eternally grateful.