Free Graffiti Classes

Join our Graffiti class Monday & Friday from 10:00am-5:00pm

Join the best graffiti class in the town FREE today !!!!

Join for free now and get a FREE 3 year membership !

You will be provided tools,paint,pencils,etc.

So all you need is your creative mind and art skills

Some of our Top instructors are Lady Pink! , JR, and last but not least Justin Bua!

Every Monday and Friday at the School Of Art !

First class starts this Monday January 18th

Express your self buy drawing!


Guaranteed to learn a little bit of everything !

Most questions asked.

One of the questions that are asked a lot is how much is it after the 3 year membership it is only 10 dollars a mount after that ,that's it!!

Another question that is asked a lot is isn't this illegal? Absolutely not! the only thing about graffiti that is illegal is taging and painting on someone else's property a lot of our property to paint on. No worries!