PLC News

December 2021

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Upcoming Events

  • Dec. 3 - Student of the Month Luncheon
  • Dec. 8 - Student Perfect Attendance Activity
  • Dec. 9 - Bus Incentive
  • Dec. 23 - Early Dismissal
  • Dec. 24 - Jan. 2 - Winter Break

Student Council Elections

Our 11th and 12th graders participated in running for PLC Student Council. Students who were interested in becoming a candidate created and presented a video speech for all of the students and staff in the high school to view. Prior to the Election Day, the candidates shared their ideas about important school concepts during our First Annual Student Council Debate. The debate allowed our student body to get to know the candidates a little better so that they felt comfortable voting for their favorite candidate.

In an effort to build our school community and enhance our school culture, student council will meet to brainstorm ideas on how to make PLC and this school year in particular more exciting and motivating for students and staff.

Linda Bradley - Our School Nurse

Linda Bradley began with Pineland in the 2019-2020 school year. During her first year, she began to learn a lot about Pineland and then she unexpectedly found herself in the middle of a health emergency - the COVID-19 Pandemic. Nurse Bradley was an integral part of keeping all of us safe and as healthy as possible when we returned in September of 2020. She continues to be a very important part of Pineland Learning Center this year as well.

Thank you Nurse Bradley!

Perfect Attendance Incentive

When students attend school every day in a month, they earn participation in a "Perfect Attendance Activity". November's "Perfect Attendance Activity" is a cheesecake from Yhanne's House of Cheesecakes located in Clayton.