By: Esther Agyemang


Life is all about finding what makes you happy, and holding on to it. I believe our purpose in life is finding what makes us truly happy, which can be anything despite how impossible it may seem to others or even maybe yourself at first. For instance, if music is what brings joy to your life and you aspire to be a professional musician, and you’re determined to fulfill your purpose. That's all that matters essentially, don't let the opinions of others cloud your judgement, at the end of the day it’s YOU! Who will have to live with it and its YOUR LIFE! So if music makes you happy, hold on to it. I believe our purpose in life is not pre-determined or set in stone forever it can change. as we grow older and more mature the things that made us happy before may not please us in the future, due to the fact that were human we're always changing; factors like personal experience, death, family, and work etc play a major role in reasoning.

Self knowledge can be defined as one knowing the direction their lives are taking. An individual must be able to look at their faults and strengths. According to Stuart Hampshire, self knowledge involves seeking to know the causes of one’s desire, beliefs and character traits. I believe when you know who are and you become content with that person, that’s when your truly living life. Self-knowledge is the best knowledge, knowing what you want in life, the steps you need to take to get there, knowing your personal strengths, knowing your weaknesses and being able to work on them connects back to finding your purpose in life.


What is art? A question first asked by ancient Greek philosopher Plato. I believe art goes beyond a painting on a canvas, but art is so much more. Art is literally present in everyday life, from the giggle or smile of an infant, to nature all around us. Art is poetry, music, dance, laughter, emotion, and life. Art is anything you want it to be. Art shouldn't be judged because its an expression of the artist, I object to obejectvisim. Art should solely be looked through a subjective lens, when you look, see, or hear art it should cause you to feel. Art is way of expressing your emotions, thoughts, and desires through any form. Art cant be defined, because art means something different to every person and none are wrong. My favorite form of art is poetry, its my way of expressing my inner most thoughts when I feel like no one will understand or simply just wanting to relieve some stress. Art is a true testament to the saying "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" if you thinks its beautiful, then its beautiful.

Life is a rollercoaster

We all board the ride

With many expectations in mind

There are ups and downs, lefts and rights, twist and turns, and so many bends.

But you’ll never know when it ends.

Life is like a rollercoaster

At times it will be fun and easy going

Other times painful and fast

It’s the thrill of it all, that lasts

Life is like a rollercoaster

Along the way, some will get ill

There screams could surely kill

While others throw their hands up

And will never look back, to check up

Life is like a rollercoaster

Its unpredictability

We leave you wanting more stability

But that’s something you con not control.

Life is like a rollercoaster

You’ll laugh, smile, you’ll definitely cry too

And even stop to gasp for a few times

But isn’t that the beauty of it all?

The ride isn’t meant to cause you any harm at all

Some might say it prepares you for a better life when you fall..

The ride does eventually come to an end

But what’s the fun if we don’t stop and smile for the loops and all?

Life is a rollercoaster.

By: Esther

"Today I will do what others wont, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others cant" - Jerry Rice

The pictures above are representation of my philosophy. The heart of everything!

My Social Philosophy

As a active citizen of society and now young adult, its not only my duty but my right as well to be informed about what going in the government, law, global issues, changes in society. In my ideal society or anyone's ideal they would be probably say it would consist of no wars, no poverty, more jobs, better education system, and more safety. I wouldn't this is unrealistic expectation, but very hard to come by due to certain factors in our society today.

My Social Philosophy: I believe that everyone should be treated equally under the laws of society despite financial status, gender, or race. Meaning people who live in poverty or not financially stable as others, are looked at differently by government there seen as unimportant causes, when in reality they should be a priority. How do we expect to move forward as society and progress, when there people who are suffering and are in dire need of help. In order to progress, you cant pick and choose which issues are more important, you must deal with all of them. Men and women should seen as equals in society, hence women shouldn't be under pay or treated differently in certain work forces. As well, in court of law women abuse cases against men should be taken more seriously, just because hes a male doesn't mean he couldn't have been abused by a women. Lastly, race an individuals complexion or cultural background should never be factor of why they are treated differently in society.