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June 17, 2016 Gotta love the weather!

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Hello Friends,

Great news!! We just published several new courses that are now available to EduPaths users. The courses hit a good range of Pathways and Areas of Interest.

Asking the Right Questions to Guide Student Learning, Assessment and Instruction Pathways
Data Collection and Conferencing
Data Pathway
Defining STEM
Curriculum Pathway
Flip Your Class, Instruction and Technology Pathways
Grade 4: Number & Operations- Fractions, Curriculum Pathway
Illuminate: Getting Started with DnA
, Data Pathway
Kindergarten: Number & Operations in Base Ten, Curriculum Pathway
M-Step ELA Practice Assessments, Assessment Pathway
Section 504 Course, Foundations Pathway

With EduPaths, you have the benefit of growing professionally while you sit at the beach or at your favorite park. Since our courses are all online, you can login any time and any place while taking advantage of our FREE self-paced learning opportunities. Remember, you can get FREE SCECHs, too!

If you are looking for a specific type of course or topic, let us know. Or if you are interested in sharing your expertise with others in an online format, like EduPaths, see the Summer PD Opportunity below.

In this issue:

  • Summer PD Opportunity - Check it Out
  • Twitter Chat - Join Us - June 28
  • More About EduPaths - Join Today!

Summer PD Opportunity - Check it out!!

EduPaths is still looking for talented Michigan educators because we believe that the best PD (strategies, activities, resources) comes from teachers, administrators and consultants at all levels and areas of expertise. Without reservation!

Our Pilot Summer PD will walk you through the process of developing a 1-hour online professional development course. Consider joining us. You will be paid for the course you develop for EduPaths. Click the flyer below to learn more about this summer learning opportunity!

A few of our sessions have closed to new registrations, but we have 7 sites located around the state that are still accepting applications. Check out the sites and dates for these sessions. We hope to see you there!

Twitter Chat - Join Us - June 28

EduPaths hosts weekly Twitter Chats. They are lively and easy to access. Our following is growing. Due to our busy summer PD schedule, our next Twitter Chat is schedule for Tuesday, June 28. Join us!

During our PD sessions, we will be Tweeting LIVE. Follow us June 21-23 as we will Tweet from Oakland Schools and Muskegon ISD! Follow #EduPaths

More About EduPaths

The EduPaths website has several helpful tools and resources. Go to To learn about EduPaths, if this is new to you, see the video below. Also, click on the ABOUT page. To get started on EduPaths, check out the RESOURCES page. You will find several HELPs documents that can guide your getting started on EduPaths.

EduPaths has several opportunities for SCECHs that are built within the site. EduPaths also links you to other experts in the field - where you can access their content by clicking on the links in any of the 9 pathways.
TRIG Classroom Readiness EduPaths
EduPaths User Weekly Update

Since our launch on February 17, 2016, we have 2,504 registered users. Educators are submitting worklogs and transcripts daily as they take advantage of the professional learning opportunities on EduPaths. Twitter followers increase daily - currently at 283 - as we host weekly Twitter Chats that focus on 1 Pathway per week.