Ernesto prado Uribe

A little god of food

A small but tough man

My grandpa is 68 years old and he has learned so much and he has learned many things and he is very strong In the mind he was an eligal i agent from Mexico and when he stepped foot on amaracin soil he new that he was going to provide better for my dad my grandma and my 4uncels and he started off not working in like a company he started to sell popsicles and fruit for the 24 hours that he had in the day so my dad nearly saw my grandpa and he was a hard worker and he said that he was a very pore man and finances where very hard because he had to feed about himself my grandma my 5 uncles Raul paule cecar Marcos and my dad and it was very hard to do it for more then 15yers.

Retiring smoking can help for a healthier life

He was a smoker when he was younger and he was smoking every day and then after a cupped years he stoped because he had no test what he was doing to himself and to his family and he can live a healthear life.

Anthony del prado

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