February News Letter

An Awesome Month of February

Valentine's Day Party

On February 13, 2015 we had our Valentine's Day party. We had a intense competition of who could eat a strip of licorice the fastest. We also celebrated by making ambushes for teachers. After that, we had cupcakes, pretzels, and some water to end our Valentine's Day party.
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Rocks and Minerals Birthstone Project

On February 27th, we started our birthstone project. We researched one interesting fact, where it can be found, and we printed a picture of it. We all learned a lot of new information about different birthstones after we found out what minerals we had during our rocks and minerals unit.
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President's Flag Project

We recently have had our hands full with a bunch of projects. One of them is the President's Flag. Each person got either a president or a first lady. First we had to write the information it tells us to write on a rough draft flag. If you didn't know something you could go on a IPad or a computer. After that, it tells us to type it up in bold and with a specific font size. We aren't done because we have to print and cut the facts out on a colored in flag.