Arab Spring - Libia

By : Pranav Venkateswaran

Libyan revolution

The protests began on February of 2011 . Political protesters protested to end the 41 year long rule of Libya's dictator Muammer Gaddafi . The armed guards fired on the protesters . The protests began in Tripoli . Many people died . Today Libya is one of the most poor countries in the world .There are not a lot of countries that trade with Libya . The NTC was was the first " Government " in Libya after Gaddafi . They are in the process of elections . Some challenges for Libya include : creating a better economy , creating a new law system , getting a well established government . UN and NATO along with the US supported the rebels providing them with equipment . The things that happend in Libya was terrible and cruel . I would classify this as a revolution because a huge change took place in Libya .


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