Forged By Fire

By Sharon M. Draper

Forged By Fire wasn't my first choice to read; however as I started to read the book I realized I wanted to read more and more. Coretta Scott King Genesis Award Winner, Sharon M. Draper writes on the realistic topic of abuse which we hear about in our daily lives. Within the last few days, we heard about Adrianne Peterson and Ray Rice both facing abuse charges. This has become very public knowledge, but think about all the cases which go without notice.

The book quickly got to the story line of a three year old getting abused, watching his mom doing drugs, sleeping with different guys everyday, leaving him home alone, failing to change his diapers, burning him with her cigarette lighter, and other horrible punishments. His mom was finally arrested for her lifestyle and he went to live with his aunt. His aunt had a heart attack and died. He then had to move in with his mom, who had since been released from jail, his stepfather, Jordan who is abusive to his half sister Angel.

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"He was tired of being scared and depressed and worried all the time."

"With the Flames and fear behind them, Gerald and Angel rode together to the music of the sirens which had decorated their past and would forge their future."

"The only thing that kept him from bolting out of the hospital door and down the street into the darkness of forever was the warm little hand that held his, passing its fragile strength to him."