Peter The Great

Peter modernizes Russia


  • At 10 years old, he took the throne in 1682.
  • He made a policy saying that everything has to be westernized, and they have to adapt to the culture and the technology.
  • It was hard to have the Russian's to change their way of living, but it made Peter work harder. He wanted to strengthen military and and help Russia.
  • Once he got back from the West, he wanted almost everything to be changed or replaced.
  • Peter wanted to control the church and the nobles, but he knew that the nobles would only serve the state if their own interests were protected. Then, he made a law stating that the nobles could keep control over their land.
  • Peter improved everything, even simplifying the Russian alphabet. Peter mostly wanted to work on improving Russia's military power.
  • The ocean was frozen in the winter. The nearest "warm-water coast" was in the Black Sea.
  • He had to defeat the Ottomans, but he did not succeed.


  • He was very dedicated to finishing the jobs he had started.
  • He made a lot of accomplishments in his lifetime.
  • He wanted to help his people and his community be the best it can be.

The Great Northern War


  • Peter had many policies when it came to wanting to have full control over whatever he wanted.
  • He wanted people to listen to what he was saying so he would know that they can accomplish many things.
  • He knew it would be a challenge, but that didn't stop him.


-Catherine took over after Peter died.

-When Peter died, nobody in his family could take over.

-Peter began the Great Northern War.