The More Powerful Steam Engine

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Why you should buy my product:

This product is good for anyone who owns power plants and is looking to make the jobs for their workers more efficient and faster. This product is for sale now at just £99.99. There are other versions of the steam engine out there but those are outdated, this steam engine is the most improved and the most used out there!
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Watt's, the more powerful the better!

The steam engine:

This steam engine is better than any of it's kind. I made this steam engine while working on a Newcomen machine and saw many things wrong with it. I saw that the steam engine I was working on was wasting a lot of steam that could be used, so I improved it using a rotating shaft instead of a pump. This more efficient steam engine makes for a more practical power plant.

James Watt

My company is located in Scotland where I grew up. Purchases can be made by telegraph or in store today! Order soon because these are selling fast!
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If you don't believe me listen to this happy customer: "The more powerful steam engine is the best invention I've ever seen and used! It makes my power plant more sufficient and the economy is doing amazing. This is one incredible invention and I recommend it to everyone!"