Colleyville, Texas

The Greatest Place to Live


Colleyville began as a rural community located between the Big Bear Creek and the Little Bear Creek, beginning in the 1850's. It is located in the central portion of northeastern Tarrant County. Mostly farmers, some from Missouri and Kentucky, settled in this area. The name "Colleyville" came from a prominent doctor named Lilburn Howard Colley. Pleasant Run Baptist Church, established in 1877, was the first church in what is now Colleyville.


Colleyville was incorporated in 1956. It has experienced significant residential development during the past decades. In 1960, the population was about 1,500, growing to 11,300 by 1989.


As of 2010, the following statistics were true.

Average Household Income $199,168

Median Household Income $154,233

Average Household Size 3.04

Median Age 43.2