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Software Developers

Software Developer Job Description

If you are a software developer, you can pursue 2 branches in the career. The first is designing, and evolving applications made for specific tasks. The other branch is developing systems that control networks.

Job Requirements And more...

To pursue a career as a software developer most have a Bachelors in computer science. The median salary in Atlanta Ga is $73,218. The job outlook is 22% from 2012 to 2022. This is more than most IT careers.

Skill/ Personality Accompaniments with job:

Ability to learn and adapt quickly, come up with creative solutions, excellent communication skills, good time management skills, and good teamwork abilities.

IT Careers

Companies- Iron Yard: If you go to the Iron Yards website you can learn more what I am gong to talk about, they even have a question box with a real human. Anyway the Iron Yard is a location in Atlanta that teaches selective classes in engineering, as well as free coding classes for children. They even give scholarships, each year not just one or too but many. They put emphasis on helping the community through IT.