Westward Ho!

I've been working on the railroad...

Driving Question

What mathematical processes were used to expand the railroad westward leading up to the gold rush?

What we are going to do:

We will learn about the history of railroad expansion and the processes used by people of the 1820s in building these highways across our country.
Groups will learn about units of measure and surveying methods.
Two products will be created: A poster with a scale drawing of a section of railroad heading west and a word problem using units of measure and processes used by railroad builders of the time.

Culminating Project

  1. A scale drawing of the railway to the west.
  2. Students will demonstrate how math formulas were used to expand the railway.

What's my grade?

Stduents will be provided a rubic for grading. Key points to be addressed include:
1. Math applications (25 pts)
2. Unit conversions (25 pts)
3. Ratios (10pts)
4. Creativity (20pts)
5. Presenation ( 25pts)
6. Group interactions and collaboration (20pts)

What are we learning?

Using scales and graphs to solve a math problem.
Using math to understand real world applications related to the railroad.